As we push on

The light always seems too bright when you have spent a long time in the dark. It hurts your eyes. There is an actual pain and you want to avert your eyes, even if you do not really want to, it is what you do to avoid the immediate pain, and then, you turn your…

I am home

The book that I am writing, although mostly still only in my heart, is being re-written and again written on new, fresh pages. The story is as new as it is old and it takes me there, to a place I once was familiar with, a place that I used to know and lived in….

The fusion of minds

I find myself in bewildered amazement. And it is a good thing. The fusion of minds is a wondrous thing. Not easy, but wondrous.

In awe, I am

In the absence I am distracted to a tremble by every sound and by the heat of it all. How strange turns a path sometimes holds for us. It can question the map you hold in your hand and rightly so, for who are we to know the complexity of truth? There are explanations to…

… and my heart is not at home

Some journeys start before you realize it. You just find yourself on the road to somewhere you did not know you were headed. There are times you think you are going somewhere just to find on the way that you not at all going in the direction you thought you were.  Those are the moments…