About me

I was born and raised in the southern part of the region called Skåne, in the southern parts of Sweden, in and around the city of Malmö. Even after many, many years of dreaming of leaving, I remain still. And I mean still – I have a tendency to not move about a lot. I like sitting, or more accurately, lying down.

Mom and me
This is my mother (16 years old) and me.

All my life my world has been a world of words and images. First as a poet and a writer (of sorts) and later as a bum who does not really want to work physically for a living. I was always writing something, somewhere, on anything, but it never amounted to anything real. I had notepads and pieces of paper in every and all piles of crap that I owned.

Around 2001, I think, I made my first attempt to combine poetry and photography with the help of a friend and her camera, and the result was exhibited in Café Ariman in Lund. For me, it was a huge success. Not only did most of my friends show up, but I received for the first time good, and bad, reviews on my writing – as well as on the way it was exhibited. I exhibited 12 poems as art and sold out all copies of 11 of them the very same day. I did not sell even one copy of the 12th one (in all fairness, it wasn’t any good).

I did not write anything else for 8 years. It’s time to write some more. Some of what I write will be good, and some of it will definitely be bad, but I’ll be writing again and that feels good. I will not pretend to write perfectly – any one can write perfectly – but I write with wonderful expression.

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