The great escape

“Now, this was awkward. Varis had stopped at the inn to get a drink, but before he could reach for his knives his mind went completely blank, his body sort of paralysed, and he fell to the ground. He was still conscious as he felt someone drag him around the corner from the inn and into the dark woods behind it. How had he not noticed someone sneaking up on him like that, and why couldn’t he move? What little light there were before was now gone and when his head seemed to run straight into a mountain side, he lost whatever thought he had about that, along with any other thoughts he may have had.

The dank room was spinning faster and faster. He was nauseous. The darkness welled up from within and came up through his mouth and again, all was dark. Days passed-or was it weeks? He didn’t know. He couldn’t think. All he could do was scream until his insides felt like a forest fire. Demons danced all around him. The filthy green, ugly, stinking demons. They laughed at him, kicked him, spat in his face, and poured a foul tar-like substance into his mouth. At times he was barely conscious, but other times he was clear-minded enough to make himself throw up whatever they’d force him to eat and drink. He was becoming physically weaker, but his head was starting to see what was real and what was not.

He was still alive, but he knew that he wouldn’t be for long if he stayed. How these goblins had managed to make him captive, and why they hadn’t killed him yet, he did not know and he wasn’t planning on finding out, either. This time they hadn’t fed him with the usual rotted meats and goo, instead they had given him water that was almost fresh and he had gulped it down like it was his last hour and his last drink. Maybe it was, he didn’t care. He needed to get out of there. His jailor turned to leave and Varis straightened the chains between his hands and threw it over the goblin’s head and made it tight around his throat.

-Shhh…there, there. I wish I could say that this isn’t personal, but…well, you know…it is.”

It’s been a little more than a month. It did not really turn out the way I expected. The part with me writing about the whole thing, I mean. The experience of quitting was way too intense. I was constantly in a bad mood. Misanthropy took over and it seems that I was kind of mean to people at times (although I saw it as being honest and truthful at those times, as I recall). Within two weeks I gained enough weight to set me back to the 90’s health wise. I still crave Snus at certain times, but I never give in.

I think I’m through the worst part now, but it took the better part of a month to make it. I have not used Snus once since the last time I wrote about it. Come Friday at midnight I’ve been off Snus for five weeks.

I can honestly say that I am free from it now. I don’t think it will ever really give me up, though, but I have given up on it, and that is what matters.

I’m sorry that I haven’t written about the progress of my Kickstarter projects. I am also sorry that there is to this date no more than two, instead of at least 10 of them, but hopefully I’ll get down to that now that I’m not as cranky anymore.

Kickstarter update

The first project that i backed was successfully backed – Steep Tea Co : Steep Jeep Mobile Tea Bar. Yay!

The other project that I’m backing is Charm City Maps – Canvas & Leather Fantasy Maps of Your City. They need $3000 by Monday or they’re screwed. Why I’m backing them? It seems silly enough. Also, who wouldn’t want a map of their city like that? I want one.