No turning back now

a tea-mobile

“Varis Naïlo woke up with an eerie feeling. He knew that there was no turning back now — it had begun. Earlier that week Varis had decided that it was time to break the bond between him and the dragon. It once started with innocent curiosity, but the bond between the two had strengthened quickly, soon turning Varis into an almost mindless slave to the dragon. He would have it no more. Of course he had tried to break the spell over him several times before, but he’d been too weak, leaving him worse off than before every time he tried. Lately, however, he could feel the dragon wanting no less than all, but a strange light had started to grow within Varis, seeming to give him strength and pushing away the darkness from his mind. The light was faintly visible under his naked skin and it gave him some strange sense of empowerment and it seemed to whisper wordlessly to him. He knew what he would have to do: the dragon had to die. There would be no other way to regain his freedom.”

Cat biting finger

Last night just before midnight my stock of snus ran out, and I felt good and was at peace with that. This morning when I first opened my eyes I still felt the same way, but it did not take long before the first wave of withdrawal effects hit me. At the moment I’m fighting them off with snacks, but that will neither be good or effective in the long run. I’ve found that looking for Kickstarter projects to back and when I’m writing, I can hold off the desire to give in to my habit quite efficiently. Although, I bite my fingers more than usual now, and harder, but I think my fingers can take it — they’ll have to.

The first project to back I found by browsing Kickstarter for almost two hours. It’s actually a lot harder than I expected to find projects that I like. So, this method of distraction seems to work. Yay! Here’s the first project being backed by the coming slaying of the dragon: Steep Tea Co : Steep Jeep Mobile Tea Bar. I like tea, and I like it for someone to bring it to me, so why not be part of making sure people in Oakland get their tea?

a tea-mobile