The start of an epic adventure

SnusI am having trouble with quitting using snus and having this trouble, I might add, is the very definition of having an addiction. So, I’m an addict, a nicotine addict, and I have been for about 8 years. To be honest I have mostly enjoyed it, but for quite some time now—not a bit. Actually, I find the habit enormously annoying and I am very disturbed by the fact that I cannot, it seems, by any means quit. I’ve tried to quit many times and the longest I’ve managed to be without it is 11 days. Today that changes.

During lunch today I talked it over with a friend and he suggested several different tactics and one of them being that I should reward myself with something equivalent to the value of the biweekly cost of my habit. That sounded like a good idea, but the problem is that I always get what I want, when I want. But it was still a good idea, so what could it be? What would be both a distraction from the habit and a reward for not using nicotine this way? I’m not sure how we got on to the subject of Kickstarter projects (more specific, crowdfunded roleplaying games), but there it was: the perfect reward. It would not only distract me in my time of withdrawal, but it would also give me something in return, and as a bonus it would give something to all those people with visions and dreams on Kickstarter. That seemed like an excellent idea. So, now I’m going to take it from an idea and make it happen.

It’s no secret that I love roleplaying games like Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder, The One Ring, Call of Cthulhu, and many others, so I’ll also be turning this into a game of sorts. For myself, at least. I am going to award myself experience points and level up as I go along. When I reach level 20 I will have gone through what I consider to be an epic adventure, and I will once again be a free man. The major quest in this adventure will be to slay my mortal enemy, The Sinister Dragon (a.k.a. The Addiction, a.k.a. Snus).

The Rewards
Every two weeks I will back a Kickstarter project of my liking for about €50-€60, and every 4th of them will be chosen randomly from any of the projects. The random project will be chosen from one of the 15 categories on Kickstarter using a D20 (allowing only 1 through 15 to be valid) and from that category I will choose one randomly by using a D100.

Experience points (XP)
For every battle I win against my addiction I will reward myself XP. A won battle can be: not going to the store to buy snus, not talking about how much I want snus, not be in a grumpy mood because of the withdrawal, and so on. You get the idea. Should I slip, there must be consequences, but I do not yet know what they could be. I’m not sure if I’ll receive anything by going up in level, but if I come to think of anything good, I’ll let you know.

I will start this weekend and continuously write about my progress and, of course, present all the projects I back as I go on. I find all of it very exciting. Anyway, the whole thing is about leaving the addiction behind, and to help fund the dreams and ideas found on Kickstarter. Turning the whole thing into a game is just plain fun. Although, in this particular game of life, losing is not an option: “There can be only one.”