Fighting in a leaking boat

Sometimes I read or hear some people trying to put the blame of the state of our Earth on science and man’s greed for money or power. These days, with all the earthquakes, tsunamis and all other major disasters in the world, there’s a lot of that going around. It always saddens me when there is a disbelief in science – however, I get equally sad when people won’t see that science does not hold all the answers. There is still very, very much unaccounted for in this world, so why so much aggression between different world-views?

Logic does not state that the unknown should be of less worth than the known. Neither does it state that knowledge, as we as human beings can grasp it, is an absolute. There is always something new to learn about everything. I might think I know the fastest route to work, but like with most things I continuously find that I did not really know everything about that. I might not believe in angels and spirits and the like, but on the other hand I have no knowledge of such things, so I won’t tell you anything about it. What I do believe in is that this Earth is a living Earth (do not ask me to specify what I mean by living, you will have to use your own beliefs here) and that as such it is changing. All life is energy and energy is not still.

It’s not science or scientists that are the problems with everything bad happening on Earth; what is happening, sadly enough, is only the inevitable and natural course of the Universe. Being aggressive towards logical thinkers and scientists (not necessarily always the same) does not in any way help anyone or anything. Nor does it help the other way around. We are all in this one single boat together. Since it seems to be leaking, fighting in it seems to me to be a very bad thing.