To be myself

It’s hard to be myself. Everyone seems to have ideas about how and who I should be. Well, almost everyone I know or meet anyway. Maybe I am different? Maybe people always have these ideas about everybody else but themselves? Whatever the cause, they always make me feel like I am different and that makes me feel alone sometimes. On the other hand I do not always understand their ways. It is no small thing to not understand what goes on around me and sometimes it hurts me deep within to not understand, when at the same time they want me to be someone else. Especially since I like myself the way I am.

I do not mean to say that I do not want to change things about myself that I know is not good for me (or others). I just want you to let me be myself. If I am not allowed to be myself, I cannot shine with my own light. How am I supposed to be able to find my heart behind someone else? I am meant to be free and that is what I am. I am only bound by the shackles that I create for myself. In love, that is far too easy to do and most of us do it, even though we shouldn’t do that to ourselves.

I let people be themselves; however strong I am I will not ever demand change on anyone – not because I cannot, but because everyone is meant to be free to be who they are. In fact, I love it when you are free to be the one you are, without the prejudices of the world holding you back.

I am not someone who is to be fitted into your ideas of what a good man is. I might not be perfect in every aspect and to be honest, neither are you, and I do not bug you about that – because there is no need; you are loved for the one you are, in all the good and all the things that might be a little more difficult to comprehend about you.

The truth is that we all change all the time, but good change comes out of love and the freedom to give love back, and love is partly to let people be themselves. Change sometimes takes a lot of time and perhaps it is not for all to have the patience to allow that time to pass, but if you do not have that patience, will you still expect someone else to have that patience for your changes?

So, will you, please, let me be myself, so that I can shine with my own light?

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