The enemy within

The enemy within. Fear. I feel fear sometimes and so do we all. We cannot escape fear, but we can acknowledge it and accept that it exists, there within you sometimes. It is how we deal with it that is important, not that we have it. Myself, I refuse to give in to fear. I will not back down because of fear. Not giving in is what takes us the furthest or the highest.

Fear is actually a good thing. Without it we would do even more stupid things than we actually do. We would take unnecessary risks. Most of the times, though, fear is to be overcome. This is how we grow as human beings and what makes us stronger and makes us believe in ourselves and in others.

I fight this fear in one way or another each and every day. Sometimes it is small and sometimes big, but I will not give in to the enemy within. Fear is the opposite of love and I won’t have my life governed by fear when the opposite is so much better. Overcoming fear is love and love is what takes you the distance. To the place you want to be in life. To the place where we all want to be: inside of love.

How do I fight the fear I have? I do not really know. I embrace it and tell it “Hey! I see you, but I have other things to do. I have a life to live and love to give. I have seen where I can go when you are not here, so take a hike, be gone!”, and it usually does so. It comes back sometimes and I have to say it again and it goes away, and the more I tell it to go somewhere where the sun does not shine, the less often it comes back and I really like that. It gives me more space for love and life.

Fear can teach you things about yourself. Ask yourself why you are scared and if you answer honestly, you will find knowledge about yourself that you did not know you had in you. Do not simply ignore fear, because that does not work. Ignoring fear is just like telling it “hey! do you mind if I stick my head in the ground, because I find you really, really ugly”. Telling it that won’t keep it away, it will only wait until you withdraw your head from the ground again. Embrace it and ask it what it is that it is doing there and why? The answer you will get is often quite an experience for you. Do this, and you will find that this uninvited guest will show up less often. Just do not think that it will disappear completely, because it will not. That is just the way it is, or so I believe.

Am I scared right now? Yes, I am. Immensely. But I deal with it. I have no time, space or much care for fear, so instead I try to live and love the best that I know how to. I am still learning how to deal with fear and I suspect that it will take a long time to master, but meanwhile I will not give in to fear – I have no space for it inside of me. When fear comes, my body always seems a bit to crowded – something has got to go and it is not me.