We are all idiots

For reasons yet unknown, I am still in the dark when it comes to people. It is not for the lack of trying, I have spent most of my life pondering about the human being. Even I, am a great mystery to me. I wish I knew more, but I don’t. I still am learning a lot every day, but it seems to be a never-ending quest. I learn something and I lose something.

I have learnt a lot about myself these past few years. Different things. Small and big. I have also learnt a lot about other people, some living, some now dead. The thing is, that when all added up, I still do not know enough. Not about myself and not about others. I am, however, seldom surprised anymore. Most people are just like the next one – mostly because I do not know them well enough to tell them apart. Honestly, there is not room enough in my head for all of you that I already know, let alone the ones I do not yet know, or will never know.

Is there any point to all this? Not really. Most people are idiots and me included – but it does not really matter, once you learn to see past that. You just have to get used to the idea. You know, that we are all idiots. Once you have done so, it will get easier to forgive and forget (I know. it is easy for me to say with my memory – or lack thereof, but you know what I mean) and move forward. We all do and say some really fucked up shit sometimes. Me too (no, you do not have to give examples, people get it).

So, ask yourself: who do you want to be? Or more accurately: how do you want to be? How do you intend to live your life? Are you willing to risk losing someone who actually could have been your best friend for life, over something so little as anything? I do not know about you, but when I go, there better be people laughing and cursing over my grave – no matter what reason.